For this project, I was assigned the word “optimism” to brand. The project is split up into 5 different rounds: symbol, type, image, and product. All of the rounds build upon each other, to ultimately form a product that communicates optimism.

I have interpreted this word as a dynamic upward movement as I understood optimism as an empowering and overwhelming positive force. I have used a vibrant color palette in order to contrast the more neutral colors in my palette. 
Above is the draft that I've done when brainstorming the symbol, or as I like to see it, a logo, done in gouache on card paper. On the left is my final, digitally rendered solution.

Generally, I have focused on creating an upward movement with the symbol whilst incorporating organic elements in order to create a friendly and uplifting mark.
Above are digital drafts for type-based solutions. On the left is the final solution.

I have started associating optimism with childhood, as I believe that it is an attribute that is special within children. Then, I started playing with off-set type or recreating an "alphabet on a fridge" effect.
Above are draft illustrations rendered on Adobe Illustrator and Procreate. On the left is my final solution rendered on Adobe Illustrator.

I have mainly played around with contrast within my image solutions. Asking myself questions like how can I highlight optimism? How can I incorporate a child-like feel to my work? 
Through the integration of all the elements that I have created, I have developed a mock vinyl cover.

With the decisions that I've made within this project--the bright warm tones as the main color palette, the upward movements, the child-like qualities-- I have incorporated the element of the rocket in order to create a visually dynamic piece of work.

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